About us

About us

Architects are trained to understand space. We are the professionals who know how to visualize and get the most out of a space from both a practical and artistic perspective. As space becomes increasingly valuable in an ever shrinking world, the importance of involving professionals such as we are, becomes a priority.

we have built a portfolio of breath taking projects for our exceptional clients who are all unique and special in their own ways. A client of MEBELDIZAJN is naturally someone who shares our appreciation of contemporary design that is beautiful, efficient, sustainable and innovative. Our philosophy is steeped in the appreciation that good design enhances lives and can be a generator of personal joy and happiness. We place ourselves in your position to share both your dreams and concerns. We don’t live in the homes that we design, you do, and therefore we must work towards your definition of happiness.

Our Experts

  • Agim Emurlai

    CEO & Owner

  • Zejnep Emurlai

    Main Architect

  • Daniel Stamenkoski

    Costumer representative

  • Zlatko Mitreski


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Who we are

Mebel Dizajn is innovative,technological developed company for furniture production.We differ from everyone with our direct access, planning and realizing projects and implementing them in each home. The final product is not only luxury design but beautiful necessity for your home.

The Company

Besides the 2600 square meters factory built in 2011,the costumers can visit our Showroom with area of 450m2 where we show part of our kitchens,bedrooms and kids rooms.The staff of Top architects with long expirience and over 1000 completed projects will help you fill your home with funture made by your taste. Our company offers various services like cutting and edge bending flat materials from Kronospan,Eger,Duropal, Kaindl,Kastamonou and AGT.


Our mission is to allow our costumers to enjoy their homes. To offer various choises, quality, freedom and creativity. Highly satisfied clients are confirmation for successful business and those are our primary goal.


In Mebel Dizajn We have the real formula for ideal designing and processing furniture for every home. Your home describes Your life, and our design highlights the vision for quialty and modern life style. From our start in 1999 until today We work on perfecting and expanding our activities following the newest production standards and trends.

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